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My Airbnb experience in Verona

After a shuttle, plane, bus, train and cab, I reached Italy safely. Not bad for someone who drank a lot of Belgian beer the previous night, eh?

I was really excited about going to Verona because it was my first time to try Airbnb, a global hospitality community where travelers can look for ‘hosts’ who rent out extra space or rooms in their homes. I liked this because: 1) I get to stay with a local Italian host for an authentic experience and 2) I have never tried living with a host during my travels. Besides, accommodations in Verona are expensive and hostels are rare.

I booked with Loredana beforehand so I was guaranteed a place to stay in Verona. I chose her not only because of her glowing reviews on Airbnb, but also because of the novel experience I was going to have: She didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Italian. Perfect!

We emailed before my arrival and to be honest, I didn’t understand a word she said. Haha! I had to ask for a friend’s help to translate Loredana’s message to English – exact directions to her home.


Thank God I found her home and look how lovely my room was!

Loredana was very nice and I appreciated her attention to details – from the welcome espresso and daily breakfast to the city map/instructions. Despite the language barrier, we didn’t really find it hard to communicate with each other. All it took was hand gestures and a lot of smiles. :)


Travel: October 2013


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