Europe · Holland

Van Gogh said, I said…


I don’t think so, Van Gogh. Don’t be a smarty pants! 

I’m not a museum rat. When I was younger, I used to enjoy going to museums but now I just can’t stand it — even if I’m in Amsterdam where you’re supposed to ooh and ahh on art. But i did go to the Van Gogh museum just to see if I can change my mind. Umm…nope, I got bored.

Here’s the thing: when you’ve visited or seen cultural sights in x number of countries, they suddenly just all look the same and you forget them in a jiffy.

When I travel, I remember more the people I meet, the conversations I have, the emotions, the (countless!) misadventures…

So the paintings I saw yesterday? I don’t remember most of them anymore. But I do remember the adrenaline of getting lost, the new friends I had dimsum with, the smell of pot, how bored the prostitutes looked at the red light district, and how men did the ‘walk of shame’.

Sorry, Van Gogh, no more museums for me. It’s not you, it’s me.

Travel: September 2013


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