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Santorini volcano adventure

I came to Santorini mainly because: 1) I want a break from Europe’s cold, 2) I want to see the beauty created by one of the most vicious volcanic eruptions in human history.

I am very curious about Santorini being an ‘active volcano’. They say the Santorini eruption, which wiped out the Minoan civilization 3,500 years ago, may have given birth to the legend of Atlantis.

Last year, magma started forming again in the island’s calderas. The locals say it’s normal to have earthquakes here. In fact, there was one three days ago.

Third reason for coming here: of course, the island’s famous caldera/cliff views and sunset. I was not disappointed.

Here’s how my first day of exploration went:
…visited the Monastery of Prophet Elias on top of a hill. Very windy but with great views.
…visited Pyrgos, a local village, and explored its empty streets (yay for non-tourist season!)
…hiked the rocky terrain of the islet Nea Kameni, the youngest volcanic formation in the eastern Meditteranean. It was a bit tough and the blazing sun didn’t help. But the view on top was worth it.
…visited a hot spring that was part of the sea
…had a very delicious lunch in the island Thirassia, where the eggplant with minced meat, baklava and Santorini wine were to die for
…climbed hundreds of steps from the port to Oia, Santorini’s famous ‘sunset’ town on top of the island. By this time, I was already exhausted and breathless! But the workout was worth it…I swear my thighs and butt are tighter now!
…explored Oia, saw Santorini’s famous blue domes and watched the beautiful sunset.

Based on my first day, here’s my verdict: Santorini is really beautiful and almost like a postcard. But let’s not forget that it is also an active volcano!

In that case, the statement “I can die in paradise” may be true here.

Travel: October 2013


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