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When in Greece, eat like there’s no tomorrow!

I’m a gourmand, not a gourmet. A fine example is when I devoted one whole day to food – just walked aimlessly and tried almost every food in sight. It was fun!

I started off by going to a Cretan bakery and saying, “Please give me one of each!”. Then I walked from Messaria to Fira while eating my bakery hauls. I then ate a pita souvlaki just to compare if it’s any different from the one I tried in Athens. Then I had to cool with authentic Greek yogurt. Free wine tasting was everywhere so I did that too. On my way back, I popped peanut sesame seeds which were very similar to a favorite Filipino treat I enjoyed as a kid. I ended the day with an impromptu late dinner of chips, Greek lamb ribs, bread with tatziki and Santorini wine with eternally happy Greeks whom I met at the hotel.

The next evening, I tried an authentic Greek moussaka at Mama’s House, a popular restaurant in Fira. It was so good and went well with my bottle of Mythos beer.

The next day, I just sat in a restaurant by Kamari Beach to listen to the waves, write in my journal, and eat a delicious fare of tomato balls (pseftokeftes), giovetsi (carne con paste), and frappe. Ah, I’ve never felt so relaxed and happily full! Then of course, I just had to eat baklava later that night while waiting for the bus back to Messaria.

You know cuisines when you can never go wrong because everything you try is just good? Greek food is like that! Now, I’m debating whether my favorite is Greek or Spanish. Yes, I’m a girl who loves to eat!


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