Europe · Switzerland

My love at first sight

Tuscany, Italy now seems like the ugly mistress of an old Count to me. Blame it on Switzerland.

If not for my friend Indrė, I would not have come here. I had ‘love at first sight’ with the country and now I don’t want to leave. What should I do?

Perfectly set against the placid Lake Thun, the Swiss Alps–upon seeing it for the first time–put me under a spell. I sat on a bench to stare and didn’t move for an hour.

Every time I walked, the crunch of fallen leaves made me believe that Autumn loves me. I love it too…very much.

The reds, yellows, oranges, and browns wooed me; the roofs and smoking chimneys tempted me some more.

Buildings, bridges, and fountains from the Middle Ages charmed me out of my wits.

Even Bern’s famous Clock Tower–which is ‘no big deal’ to most–became a spectacle to me. Before I leave, I will again watch the drumming jester, the bearded king and the marching bears who come out as the clock strikes every hour.

Now even mundane things like Swiss notes and Swiss trains and Swiss everything fascinate me.

I am in love with Switzerland. I want more.

Travel: October 2013


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