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My secret spot in Santorini

I now have a favorite spot in Santorini: Imerovigli, fondly called the ‘balcony to the Aegean’.

Everyone says Oia is the most beautiful but I beg to differ. The views from Oia did not make my jaw drop. This did.

From Imerovigli, you can see all of Santorini — it’s like being in the middle of everything. Akrotiri and Fira to the left, Oia to the right. Right in the middle is the Nea Kameni volcano. Thirassia island in the northeast, with the flat-top Skaros Rock right below it. 

View from Imerovigli. It looked beautiful even on a cloudy day.
View from Imerovigli. It looked beautiful even on a cloudy day.

Accommodations in Imerovigli also command a hefty price tag. I guess it’s worth the price for the peace and quiet. I’ll go back there someday. That’s for sure. :)

Map from
I had one week to explore Santorini: sailed in the Aegean Sea to get to THIRASSIA (island with less than 300 people living in it) and Nea Kameni (uninhabited island of volcanic origin).
It was very easy to take the buses so I also went to: AKROTIRI to see the remains of an ancient city from the Minoan Bronze Age; RED BEACH right beside Akrotiri; KAMARI which is famous for its black pebble beaches; PYRGOS, a small, quiet town with picturesque streets, a monastery and the highest point on the entire island; MESSARIA where I stayed in a very nice hotel called Villa Manos; KARTERADOS which I went to for cafes and bakeries; FIRA and OIA, the most famous tourist sites of the island. Then I discovered IMEROVIGLI…

The weather was overcast and not the best day for taking pictures, but I hope you still enjoy viewing the photos!


Travel: October 2013


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