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Berlin is a hippie badass

Berlin is a hippie badass. You’d want to be friends with him because he’s so smart, talented and cool.

The city is tattooed with the most insane street art I have ever seen. The energy of the place is so infectious that you’ll be sorry if you don’t chug beers. Berliners are loud and friendly that you’ll forget you’re in a monster-sized city (said to be 8-10x bigger than Paris).

And yet at every turn, landmarks stand quietly as reminders of the dreadful past: the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, Jewish Memorial, and Nazi concentration camps.

This is a city that completely reinvented itself post-Cold War but never denies what happened in the past. 

This is why Berlin reminds me of FREEDOM.

I’m grateful that I am able to make my own choices. To travel and see the world, to work hard so I can afford my lifestyle, to choose which country to live in, to spend my days with someone or by myself, to speak my mind and not apologize for it, to do crazy things and not regret it, to not be afraid of anything.

Now, imagine YOUR life now vs. living during the horrific Communist regime. People feared for their lives more than anything and any expression of freedom was a sure ticket to torture, abuse and death.

In between partying and getting drunk, Berlin only wishes to teach people today a simple thing: “Just be thankful you’re alive.”

Live life and listen to the hippie badass.

Travel: October 2013


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