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How do I like Prague? Naked, please.

Before coming to Europe, I often heard people gush about Prague being their favorite city (it was either Prague or Paris). Then I finally came to Prague…

I was beginning to think that Prague was another overrated city. It’s so touristy that during the day, I couldn’t even take a photo without a head bobbing up and down the frame. See?

So one early morning, when everyone was still asleep, I walked aimlessly in the empty streets. For the first time, I finally saw why everyone falls in love with Prague.

Now, I love Prague too…but only when it’s naked.

Travel: October 2013


8 thoughts on “How do I like Prague? Naked, please.

  1. Hahaha! I love your way of seeing things and I totally agree… when I found out that we had to move to Florence because of my boyfriend’s job, I got scared… I had to do something similar to understand the city! Great photos and good job! I know the effort required to manage to do this!… and I didn’t like Prague too much either by the way… hadn’t thought about doing this yet!

  2. @UrbanBilingual Thanks! Well, my hats are off to you simply because you lived in Florence! I almost got claustrophobic when I was there. I think seeing DAVID naked was the only thing that salvaged what I thought of the place. Hahaha! However, to be objective about it, it’s totally understandable that the most beautiful cities are the most crowded, too. :)

  3. Hahaha… can you imagine that even David was a nightmare for me… I remembered it as something so scary that I thought that he was made of gold… I had seen him when I was 15 and I though that everything was so kitsch in that city that I was convinced that he was a gold sculpture (the worst part is that for years, I was trying to convince others too!) Anyway… I’m happy that the community of normal travelers is growing (I call them “urban travelers”) and that we’re able to identify each other… I moderate a community on Google+ which I think that you may enjoy… Just mentioning it, check it out if you find a second! It was nice to meet you!

  4. Prague was so busy when I was there on a tour I stopped to take a picture (recalling an INXS filmclip filmes there) on the Charles Bridge and got separated from my tour group… lost for almost 1/2hr which would normally be no big deal but I had no money, no phone and we were staying in Vienna, so no way to get back there (husband had all the money). Sheer panic for a few moments, but fun recalling that 80’s filmclip. Lesson learnt, carry money between both of us and always have local sims in our phones!

  5. @Lyn Crazy, right?! Before going to Prague, I’ve always been amazed with glam shots of Charles Bridge (usually shown empty). When I went to Prague, I made sure I stayed near the bridge so I can take a lot of photos. Oops, wrong. The bridge was so dense with people, I often wandered as far away from it as possible.

    I’m sorry to hear about your getting lost. I think I would’ve panicked too if that happened to me. I’m glad you’re ok and found your family!

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