Austria · Europe

When Jenny Austria is in Austria

Happy Halloween from Vienna! :)
Shooting Jagers. Happy Halloween from Vienna! :)

“Woah, is..Jenny Austria really your name?” he asked.

“Yes, is that weird?” I said.

He then turned to his friends and spoke in rapid German in which I caught the words ‘Filipina’ and ‘Austria’.

“You told them about it, didn’t you?” I said, shaking my head.

“Do you have an idea how you got that name?”
“That’s so awesome!”
“Holy sh*t!”
“You get a free drink for that! No, make that two!”

Amused faces, remarks in quick succession. And three free drinks to welcome me.

This is what happens when Jenny Austria is in Austria. Hello from Vienna!:)

Travel: October-ish to November-ish 2013


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