Europe · Hungary

And the best surprise of them all was…


It wasn’t even in my plans until someone suggested I consider it since I’ll be coming from Vienna anyway. I didn’t know what to expect and frankly, I didn’t know much about Budapest either. Coming from the Philippines, it’s usually the bigger (and often overrated?) cities that bag the limelight when in comes to travel in Europe.

Budapest was absolutely a surprise and I loved it! The place rocked with character and a vibe that was almost inexplicable. It was historic with the coloured history of Buda and Pest. Romantic with the famed ride along the Danube. Artistic with the baroque, neoclassical and artsy buildings. Quirky and weird with all the ruin pubs that peppered the city. Warm because of the delicious, fatty food that tempted me every day. Welcoming because of the famous thermal bath houses that beckoned me to “Come bathe with strangers”.

Oh and thank God, it was pocket-friendly! Aside from Athens and Fira, Budapest was the only place in my trip that allowed me to stay in a nice room for 10 euros and enjoy meals and drinks without thinking how much it would cost.

I loved the weird and mixed feelings I had the whole time I was in Budapest. It’s a place that’s both happy and sad, old and new, familiar and strange. I’m glad I found this gem of a place.

Travel: November 2013


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