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That birthday surprise

Today is my lucky day!

I boarded the 9am boat from Coron to El Nido. The boat was new, very clean and freshly painted. As it turned out, I was only one of two passengers out of a 21-pax capacity.

It was like ‘playing house’ in my very own boat with a nice deck and six crew members. I enjoyed watching the peaceful sea, verdant islands, and the occasional stingray that swam alongside the boat.

When I arrived in El Nido, I went to a hotel perched on a hill with amazing views. I didn’t have a reservation and was told that they were fully booked, except for one room – their most expensive one. It wasn’t within my budget.

But the view from the room is so beautiful! I wasn’t going to give up so I simply, honestly told the owners, “It’s a bit out of my budget but I would really love to stay here tonight.”

They must have sensed how much I wanted to stay there (or they pitied my tired state after a 7-hour boat ride), so they gave the room to me at almost half price!

Tomorrow, I will wake up and enjoy breakfast from my very own balcony overlooking the bay, limestone cliffs and El Nido town.

Life is good. Thank you.

Blessed on my birthday
Blessed on my birthday

Travel: Boat ride from Coron to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. March 7, 2014.


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