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Back from Europe

After two months, 10 countries, 14 cities, 11 planes, 87 metros/trains, 26 buses, 18 trams, 3 boats and 1 bicycle, my itchy feet and grateful heart are back from Europe.

I was dreamy in Vienna, emotional in Berlin, awestruck in Bern, nostalgic in Salzburg, romanticized in Bruges and Verona, bored in Brussels, giddy in Prague and Amsterdam, excited in Athens, disappointed in Florence, pensive and always hungry in Santorini, surprised in Budapest, happy and a bit harassed in Paris, devastated like everyone else back in the Philippines (bec of typhoon Haiyan).

I traveled not widely but deeply, with a lot of observations, musings, talks, and friends in between.

After two dozen countries and solo travels to 16, I still get excited with “What’s next?”

Travel: Sep-Nov 2013


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