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On being happy and free

As I simplify my life and prepare for my impending wealth of new time, I get curious reactions from people around me. Some respond with enthusiasm; some, I believe, take my relentless search for freedom as irresponsible and selfish.

Why is that?

Perhaps inevitably, my situation causes them to question their own values or path in life.

I let them.

After all, freedom and happiness are and always will be a personal undertaking.

So the next time I encounter less favourable reactions, I will think of all the times I was truly happy – like this photo on my birthday this year.

I was scared but quickly realised it’s living life to the fullest. They say if our dreams don’t scare us, then they’re not big enough.

I’m so grateful that I’ve been shaken, anxious and shit-scared by my dreams many times. It means that I’m moving in the right direction as my dreams.

No “are you sure?!”, “you might not be able to go back (to my career)” or “you might run out of money” will stop me.

My only hope is for them to have big enough dreams to scare them, too. We all deserve it.

October 10, 2015


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