About Me

I am a proud Filipina and I have always believed that life is meant to be an adventure.

I have been traveling for years but never really blogged about it…until now. To be honest, I don’t know where to start but I promise to do my best and share notes from my travels with family, friends and YOU!

Just note that my reason for starting this blog is to preserve my travel memories in digital space, for old age – you know, in case I lose my memory or something. Therefore, I won’t be focusing on dishing out the must see’s or do’s in every place (you can simply google that!), though I’d be happy to share my thoughts or recommendations, if asked. 

I’ll start with my solo travel adventure in Europe last September-November 2013. I wrote the notes spontaneously or when I was ‘in the moment’ – on the train, while waiting for the bus or plane, on the plane 30,000 feet in the air, in a cafe while ‘people watching’, by the beach while listening to the waves, or in my hostel room while waiting for my turn in the shower. 

My first time in Europe and did it alone! :)
My first time in Europe and did it alone! 

I like to keep my travel accounts raw and honest. When I finish a trip and read the notes I again, I resist the urge to edit or perfect them. I will never be in those exact moments again, so I prefer to not change anything about what I thought or how I felt. Some notes are my most private thoughts and I’m not sure I’ll publish them here, while some are meant to just be stored in my memory forever…unless I change my mind in the future.

This site is nothing fancy, just some good travel adventures. Enjoy!



In case you’re wondering, yes, my surname is really Austria. :)

Berlin, Kathmandu, Vienna, Bagan
Berlin, Kathmandu, Vienna, Bagan

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