Africa · Morocco

The circus that is Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a bit rough, that’s true. Especially for solo female travelers. Touts, pickpockets, catcalls abound in the medina or old city. It’s a way of life and female travelers get harassed on a daily basis “Hello beautiful!” “Where you from?” “Where are you going? I walk with you.” “Kamusta ka?” (They can guess I’m…… Continue reading The circus that is Marrakesh

Australasia · New Zealand

How I realized it was time to quit

I had an epiphany lately. I’d like to believe that I got two of life’s greatest lessons from bungee jumping and skydiving: The more you think about it, the more it will get difficult for you. Make it your damn mission to be happy every day. But first, let me take you to two months…… Continue reading How I realized it was time to quit

Australasia · New Zealand

On being happy and free

As I simplify my life and prepare for my impending wealth of new time, I get curious reactions from people around me. Some respond with enthusiasm; some, I believe, take my relentless search for freedom as irresponsible and selfish. Why is that? Perhaps inevitably, my situation causes them to question their own values or path…… Continue reading On being happy and free