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Back from Europe

After two months, 10 countries, 14 cities, 11 planes, 87 metros/trains, 26 buses, 18 trams, 3 boats and 1 bicycle, my itchy feet and grateful heart are back from Europe. I was dreamy in Vienna, emotional in Berlin, awestruck in Bern, nostalgic in Salzburg, romanticized in Bruges and Verona, bored in Brussels, giddy in Prague…… Continue reading Back from Europe

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“Aaand, who are you?”, purred the Viennese

If hell hath no fury and mankind be damned, there’ll be a sign in VIENNA that says, “Those who are neither rich nor beautiful should not dare come here.” (In Filipino: Bawal ang jologs!) Okay, fine…I am exaggerating but in a city so cultured, aristocratic and opulent, I couldn’t help but think that. Let me…… Continue reading “Aaand, who are you?”, purred the Viennese

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When Jenny Austria is in Austria

“Woah, is..Jenny Austria really your name?” he asked. “Yes, is that weird?” I said. He then turned to his friends and spoke in rapid German in which I caught the words ‘Filipina’ and ‘Austria’. “You told them about it, didn’t you?” I said, shaking my head. “Do you have an idea how you got that…… Continue reading When Jenny Austria is in Austria