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Back from Europe

After two months, 10 countries, 14 cities, 11 planes, 87 metros/trains, 26 buses, 18 trams, 3 boats and 1 bicycle, my itchy feet and grateful heart are back from Europe. I was dreamy in Vienna, emotional in Berlin, awestruck in Bern, nostalgic in Salzburg, romanticized in Bruges and Verona, bored in Brussels, giddy in Prague…… Continue reading Back from Europe

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The saving grace of my Brussels experience

I sort of hated Brussels at first but because of good ol’ Belgian beer and great company, I was saying “What the hell is a ‘perfect foam?!” on my last night in the city. That’s me drinking Westvleteren (said to be the best beer in the world) and complaining to the Bavarians who were educating me…… Continue reading The saving grace of my Brussels experience

Belgium · Europe

Why I first sort of hated Brussels

At first I didn’t like Brussels and I almost wanted to leave. It was crowded and I hated walking along its streets with beggars, looney people, and the smell of pee on street corners. It also didn’t help that the Manneken Pis, the peeing child statue, proved to be one of the most overrated tourist…… Continue reading Why I first sort of hated Brussels