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Back from Europe

After two months, 10 countries, 14 cities, 11 planes, 87 metros/trains, 26 buses, 18 trams, 3 boats and 1 bicycle, my itchy feet and grateful heart are back from Europe. I was dreamy in Vienna, emotional in Berlin, awestruck in Bern, nostalgic in Salzburg, romanticized in Bruges and Verona, bored in Brussels, giddy in Prague…… Continue reading Back from Europe

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10 things I learned about Prague

I visited the revered 16th century Infant Jesus, feasted on goulash and took absinthe shots.  Only in PRAGUE. Home of the thousand spires and Bohemian kings. At the 600-year-old Charles Bridge, the silhouettes of the stone statues hovered like ghosts at dawn. The view was so picturesque, that by the time I explored Prague’s cobblestone…… Continue reading 10 things I learned about Prague

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How do I like Prague? Naked, please.

Before coming to Europe, I often heard people gush about Prague being their favorite city (it was either Prague or Paris). Then I finally came to Prague… I was beginning to think that Prague was another overrated city. It’s so touristy that during the day, I couldn’t even take a photo without a head bobbing…… Continue reading How do I like Prague? Naked, please.