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Back from Europe

After two months, 10 countries, 14 cities, 11 planes, 87 metros/trains, 26 buses, 18 trams, 3 boats and 1 bicycle, my itchy feet and grateful heart are back from Europe. I was dreamy in Vienna, emotional in Berlin, awestruck in Bern, nostalgic in Salzburg, romanticized in Bruges and Verona, bored in Brussels, giddy in Prague…… Continue reading Back from Europe

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When in Greece, eat like there’s no tomorrow!

I’m a gourmand, not a gourmet. A fine example is when I devoted one whole day to food – just walked aimlessly and tried almost every food in sight. It was fun! I started off by going to a Cretan bakery and saying, “Please give me one of each!”. Then I walked from Messaria to…… Continue reading When in Greece, eat like there’s no tomorrow!

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Santorini volcano adventure

I came to Santorini mainly because: 1) I want a break from Europe’s cold, 2) I want to see the beauty created by one of the most vicious volcanic eruptions in human history. I am very curious about Santorini being an ‘active volcano’. They say the Santorini eruption, which wiped out the Minoan civilization 3,500…… Continue reading Santorini volcano adventure